This is a list of people mentioned through out this site who each have their own information page. Although each one is accessible from various sections of this site, this list is here to help you find any specific person that we have information on. Each biography is a very brief look at these people and their lives. To find out more we suggest contacting your local public library.





Robert Austin

Thomas Bannister

Daisy Bates

Nicolas Baudin

Arthur Bayley

Len Beadell

Peter Brown

Henry Bunbury

John Bussell

Alfred Canning

Andrew Clarke

Marshall Clifton

Alexander Collie

Edith Cowan

Robert Dale

William Dampier

Maurice Davies

Edward Eyre

Mathew Flinders

John Flynn

William Ford

Alexander Forrest

John Forrest

Charles Fremantle

Ernest Giles

Augustus Gregory

Francis Gregory

George Grey

John Hampton

Langley Hancock

Paddy Hannan



How many of these faces do you recognise ?



John Hawes

John Holland

Edward Hooley

Charles Hunt

John Hutt


Phillip King

Henry Lefroy

Edmund Lockyer


John Molloy

Moondyne Joe

Charles O'Coonnor

Walter Padbury

Thomas Peel

George Poole

John Roe

Russian Jack

Robert Scholl

Richard Spencer

James Stirling

Hubert Trotman

James Turner

George Vancouver

Willem Vlamingh

Frederick Weld

Thomas Wilson

Tommy Windich

Emma Withnell

George Woodley





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